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Why preach the gospel in Europe and the Basque Region?

Why Europe?

Europe is unreached.

Although the Gospel arrived in Europe 2000 years ago (Acts 16), the once Christian continent is today unreached. Because only 3% of the population are born again, evangelical Christians, most Europeans live their entire life without encountering a person who can share Jesus with them.

Europe is the crossroads of the world

The birthplace of Western Civilization, Europe’s impact and influence on culture, arts, philosophy, and architecture is unmatched. Europe is also an intersection of the world, with millions of migrants from the rest of the world- Muslims, for example, make up a significant minority in many parts of Europe. Mercy ministry in Europe means helping marginalized peoples- victims of human trafficking, immigrants and war refugees.

Europe is ready for revival

While most Europeans are skeptical of religion, there is a growing hunger for spiritual authenticity. Uncertainty and anxiety for the future are at levels not seen since World War II. War in Ukraine at the border of the EU, the crisis in the Middle East, and the spectre of Islamic terrorism mean Europeans are searching and thirsty for answers to life’s important questions.

Who are the Basques?

The Basques are a unique people group living in northern Spain and southern France. Their language is one of the oldest in the world and is considered difficult to learn. Basque is a minority language today, spoken by about 30% of the population. Although all Basques speak either Spanish or French, they are fiercely proud of their language and heritage.


basque joven

spiritual needs

The Basques are a minimally reached people group- though a majority culturally identify as Catholic, very few practice their faith. Less than 1% of Basques would identify as born-again Christians.

The Basques are ready!

While most Basques are indifferent towards religion, they are spiritual. Basque people want more than ritualistic religion and need a new move of the Spirit. Spanish & French speaking evangelical churches are waking up to the need to reach their Basque neighbors.

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