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Participating in missions can be a great learning experience. Gain experience in a European, secularized and irreligious postmodern culture. Work with “The Lost Generation” of young people undefined by religion.

We host groups! The best time to come is in summer, especially during "The Running of the Bulls Outreach" July 7th to the 14th.


Donate monthly to become partners with VNM and keep the ministry centers open. We run Alpha courses (with meals), offer free English Conversation classes and other activities to build relationships. Then we use the meeting place for discipleship and to train leaders. We travel to many cities in Spain and France encouraging believers and doing evangelism. All this is only possible through your gifts and generous donations. Thank you!


Prayer is needed for Europe. God is waiting for us to ask Him for something to happen in the Basque region so... let's do it. You can either pray by yourself for our ministry or in any small group. Remember, God answers so be informed by signing up for our newsletter. Just click below and we will keep you up to date.


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