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We work in the beautiful western Pyrenees, the mountains between Spain and France and the traditional homeland of the Basque people.

Our city, Pamplona, is famous for the “Running of the Bulls” festival and is considered the cradle of the Basque language (the oldest in Europe!) and culture.


Traditionally Catholic, few have any meaningful relationship with any church. In fact, the majority of young people (18-30) no longer identify with any religion- which they see as a man-made, abusive, vain tradition. A life changing relationship with God sounds radical!

God has given us a vision to work in four areas… pillars in the region. We started in Pamplona and have established a ministry center there. In Spain we also minister in Vitoria, San Sebastián and finally Bayonne, capital of the French Basque Country.


Our vision is to establish four interrelated, healthy, growing disciple making communities of faith. All four are major cities in what’s known as “Euskal Herria”, the Basque Homeland. So we are now looking to buy a ministry center in France close to Spain to house teams, hold retreats and camps to encourage believers and create music and the arts for evangelism with nationals. This will help us minister to the entire region.

US Address: 

P.O. Box 4726 Huntsville, AL. 35815


Canadian Address:

Box 510 Station Main, Steinbach, Manitoba R5G 1M4

US Cell Phone (only while in US):

256 783 7944

Spanish Cell Phone:

34 636 87 75 26